Ariana Machinery & Ingredients

Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer & Trading Company

Bakery Machinery & Bakeware

Ariana Manufacturer & Trading Company of advance technology Bakery equipments.

Automatic Biscuit Plants

Ariana supply Automatic Hard & Soft Biscuit plants from world famus brand.

Automatic Chips Plants

Ariana supply all type of Chips & Potato crackers Projects from world famus brand

Automactic Chanachur Projects

Ariana Suupply automatic Chanchur & Lascha project from wold famus brand.

Beverage Plants Machinery

Ariana Suupply pure water, soft drink, Lucy drink, fruits juce & Milk processing machinery

Packaging Machinery

Ariana Supply all type packaging machinery. such as Cake, Bread, Biscuit, Chanachur, flour, Spicy, Rich etc.

Plastic machinery

Ariana Supply Plastic blowing & injection molding Machinery for bottole & jar making.

Printing Machinery

Ariana supply all type Pinting machinery. such as HDPE blowing, Rotogravure printing machinery.


Ariana supply Food flavor, color, vegetable fat and others food chemicals from world famus Brand.

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Good quality products, compitive price, timely delivery & after sale service.
Bakery machinery

Our Some Machinery

Automatic Biscuit Production Line.

Why choose Us

Ariana Machinery & Ingredients are becoming the best manufacturer, importer & supplier with the upgrade innovation to lead the bakery & Foods industry in Bangladesh. We offer our customer with full range of machinery and complete solutions. We treat our customer the way they like to be treated as “Sales in our head but service in our heart”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make bakers happy by reducing their manual work and offering them innovative solutions. We give the highest priority to our customer as we do not compromise with service and quality. We are believing in excellent service to our valued customers and making sure their happy production. That is why we promise to provide constant services 24/7 round the clock in 365 days.

What you get

We care our customers heartily as we have well trained up servicing team ready here by 24/7. Our top priority is to provide end-to-end solution to keep the smooth production of our valued business partners. We really do not compromise with the service and quality. Your satisfaction makes us happy and also inspires us to go the extra mile. You can trust on us and we promise not to let it go down. We offer cost saving proposals to our clients in every way we can.

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